Sunday, November 25, 2007

Liberty Harbor

A couple of pictures around Jersey City. Click to enlarge.

This is the usual shot of Liberty Harbor, only now the fence is gone so you can walk around the street.

This will most likely be the style of the building that I want.

Here's a skewed shot of the plot they plan on putting the building on. Note the blank face of the neighboring brownstone.

This is the Boys & Girls club behind the plot. This is the one eyesore in the Liberty Harbor development. The question is how bad it is. Enough not to buy the condo?

This is the view over the plot from the parking lot of the B&G. Notice the beautiful red tree right in front.

This is the New York facing direction from the plot, at ground level. Notice in the distance the World Financial Center buildings and some others in Lower Manhattan. The view of the Freedom Tower, etc. would be stunning. The large building is the Goldman Sachs tower on the NJ Waterfront.

Here's a view from the front door on Grand St. down Grove St. towards the PATH station. To get a sense of how far away the station is, the buildings at the end of the street are the block after the station.

Here I switch to Flickr to upload the pictures b/c blogger was just hell. Click on them and then click the magnifying glass w/ a plus sign in it to get a larger view.

This is the view from Marin Blvd one block down Grand St. of the construction site. We can see the ugly side of the B&G and many unfinished buildings. Over the next few years they're going to fill in this entire plot with development.

From Marin

Between the Gull's Cove (the giant Condo building) and the developed portion of liberty harbor they've finally put in new roads. Only the sidewalks are paved so far. I think the square in front of me here is going to be a park!

New roads!

Here's a view of that same square which sits behind the B&G. That building really is hideous, except the roof is kinda cool.

Behind B&G club

Finally I'm including a video just to give you a better sense of space. This also has a few shots of the light rail and construction site.


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